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Recommended Wine Tastings & Italian Suppliers

On this new page we will recommend only Wine Tastings & Vineyard Tours that our management team have personally experienced & enjoyed.

Due to repeatedly being asked by our clients to recommend Wine Tastings & Trips throughout Italy, we have only recently decided to publish this page and will slowly and carefully build it as our visits take place over time. Only Vineyards & Wine tasting establishments that meet our own high standards of customer service & wine producing methods will be included.

Emilia Romagna

Cantine Zuffa - Imola, Bologna

Cantine Zuffa has been a family run Vineyard and Wine Producer stretching back through several generations. Presently run by Augusto Zuffa, the farm produces wine from grapes grown on the hills of Imola and only through organic methods.


During all those generations the Zuffa family has carefully. and with great dignity, cultivated the love for their land, the land that now repays them with fruit that truly excites the pallet and releases the true flavours and aromas of true Italian quality.



Today Zuffa grow their grapes using only biological processes in a vast territory on Imola hills. This enable them to give the real true taste of nature to all those who taste their wine. In Zuffa's winery, easily accessible from Imola, and Bologna, visitors can taste their exclusive wines and buy them directly. On request visitors can also visit the wine cellar and the ancient cellar.


The patented technologies that Zuffa uses make it possible to better protect the raw material and the quality of the grapes that are lost in the conventional systems used by most modern producers.



All of Zuffa's wines are organically certified for Europe, USA, Canada and China and represented Cellar 'Expo 2015 Italian excellence and of course the Region Emilia Romagna unique cellar.


The House & Farm offer a fantastic choice of venues with meeting rooms, educational workshops, ancient oven, dining halls for 210 people where you can taste the incredible products. The Farm also has wonderful outdoor parks which lend themselves ideally for weddings, concerts, film screenings.



The above greeting displayed at the entrance of Zuffa's farm translates to English as:


'Wines are a form of expression of equal dignity and of poetry and of painting and other arts. We do not know poetry and we paint for fun, but we are real artists in what we do'


For more information on Cantine Zuffa and the tastings and vineyard trips they offer either contact us by email on or go to Zuffa's own website on:


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